Three Reasons To Enroll Your Child In Karate


If you've decided that you're going to enroll your child in a karate school like H S Lee's Karate School, you've made a popular decision. More than six million American children practice some form of martial arts. Whether you choose a school that simply focuses on helping children keep active or you opt for a program that emphasizes the fundamentals to help children move up through the karate ranks, you're helping your child in a number of important ways. Many children who discover specific forms of physical activity at a young age continue to practice them throughout life. In the meantime, however, here are three ways that taking karate at a local certified karate school can benefit your child.

Contribution To Daily Exercise Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendation is that children get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. This guideline can be hard to meet for many children who spend time in front of the TV and the computer. By visiting your local karate school even once per week, your child will get valuable exercise that can help him or her meet the 60-minute guideline or even exceed it for that day. Being physically active at any age provides a wide range of health benefits. Among these is helping your child keep a fit, healthy body and reduce the risk of being overweight or obese.

Development Of Discipline

Teaching children to be disciplined is integral to the programming offered at many karate schools. Emphasizing this level of respect for the karate instructor, the child's peers in the class and the child himself or herself is especially valuable if you're concerned that your child is lacking discipline or is running into trouble at school. Karate not only teaches children about following the rules, but also shows that staying disciplined can lead to rewards. For example, a child who is disciplined and practices his or her karate movements daily will excel at the karate school faster than someone who doesn't do this "homework."

Understanding That Hard Work Pays Off

Even at a young age, karate students get a chance to learn skills, get tested on those skills and be rewarded upon performing them correctly. Whether it's properly executing a bow during a beginner's class or demonstrating a specific self-defense move at an intermediate class, children are tested by their teachers and will receive colorful stripes on their belts and, eventually, different colors of belts for effectively demonstrating their skills. This simple process clearly shows your child that when he or she works hard, there will be a reward for doing so.


10 February 2016

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