Is Regular Skydiving Not Cutting It For You? How To Ramp Up Your Skydiving Game


Wow. You have come a long way since your first tandem skydive and training session. Now you are hooked, and you skydive every chance you get. Unfortunately, lately it seems like your dives have lost their excitement. That is normal, considering that your body has adjusted to the amount of adrenaline you get with every dive. It has reached the point where instead of saying, "Oh, goody! Another dive and another boost of adrenaline!", your body is saying, "Yay. Another jump. Woo-diddly-hoo." If that sounds about right, then you need to up your skydiving game. Here are a few ways to put the thrill of diving back into your body.

AFF (Accelerated Free Fall)

​​AFF is to skydiving what an extra shot of espresso is to coffee. It is a new challenge, lots of potentially life-threatening new danger, and still a lot of fun. During an accelerated free fall, you allow yourself to fall farther without pulling your chute cord, or you dive at a much lower position in the air. Either way, the point is the same. You are much closer to the ground before you open your parachute, which can be a truly terrifying, and exciting, experience. Just make sure you are experienced enough and licensed enough to begin to attempt AFF dives.

Bungee Skydive

People love combining sports, for some reason. Frisbee golf, parasailing, etc., are all examples of something somebody dreamed up and decided to do one day. Now there are thousands of followers and participants in these made-up combo sports. The latest one, bungee skydiving, sounds really crazy, but people seem to enjoy it. It involves jumping out of the plane on a bungee line, and just as you start to fall and suddenly feel that upward jerk back into the clouds and toward the plane, your bungee line is released. Suddenly, you either fall faster, or you end up floating in the air again, depending on when you let go of the bungee line.

Become an Instructor

Renew your sense of excitement in skydiving by becoming an instructor and tandem diver. You get to relive that first time you dived all over, again and again, with each new diver you train and help dive. It also gives you the opportunity to turn your extreme sport into a paying career, something you otherwise would not be able to do, and for which you would have extensive expenses to do this as just a hobby.


12 November 2018

Choosing Extreme Sports

After being an athlete for my entire life, I realized that I needed a little more variety. I was tired of working on my form and trying for the fastest speed, and truthfully, my sport of choice just wasn't doing it for me anymore. To add a little excitement to my life, I decided that it would be awesome to try out extreme sports. My friend Jay took me to a motocross park for the first time, and it was really fun to try the different ramps. I gained a new appreciation for what it meant to play outside, and I know you can too. Check out this blog to learn more about extreme sports.